Sugar Lyn Beard

Sugar Lyn Beard

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Updated On November 25, 2021
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Canadian actress, best known for her voice work on Sailor Moon, The Amazing Spiez! and films like 50/50, Palm Swings and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. On her online resume, she used to list herself as “Height: 5 feet 1 in, Weight: 90 lbs”

Sugar Lyn Beard Height, Weight & Body Measurement

 Sugar Lyn Beard stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches and weighs around 47 kg.

Sugar Lyn Beard Net worth

 Sugar Lyn Beard’s net worth is expected to be at $3 million .

Sugar Lyn Beard facts

  • Stephanie Lyn Beard, better known by her stage name Sugar Lyn Beard, is a Canadian actress and radio personality.
  • Her radio host persona uses the name “Suga BayBee”, and as co-host of YTV’s The Zone from 2001–2007, she was called “Sugar”.


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