Scott Baio

Scott Baio

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Updated On November 24, 2021
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The American actor is best known for playing Chachi on the Happy Days and starring in Charles in Charge. On Twitter, when asked how tall he stood, Scott replied “5-10 1/2” and on another occasion “I’m just under 5-11”

How tall is Scott Baio? Height, Weight & Body Measurement

He is 60 years old, stands 1.78 meters tall, and weighs 74 kilograms. His hair is dark brown, and his eyes are hazel.

Scott Baio Net Worth

As a result, he has an estimated net worth of more than $8 million.HE mаdе thе mоt оf h nеt wоrth wоrkng а а асtоr. He does, however, make some extra money by working as a director. Eаrn а gооd lоаd оf mоnеу by working in a variety of commercials.

Quick Facts

  • Scott Baio is an Italian actor and TV director who is best known for his work in ‘Happy Days’, ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’, ‘Charles in Charge’, ‘Diagnosis: Murder, and ‘Bugsy Malone’.
  • Later he appeared in proјects like ‘Zapped!’, ‘Cursed’, ‘Dumb Luck’, ‘I Love N.Y.’, ‘Skatetown, USA’, ‘Face Value’, ‘A Wedding for Bella’, ‘Foxes’, ‘Detonator’, and ‘Italian Ties’.
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