Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore

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Updated On November 10, 2021
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English astronomer and TV presenter, remembered for presenting The Sky at Night for over 50 years. A fan’s Biography mentioned that on Sky at Night he stated he was “Just over six feet tall” and that his details were available from agents who listed his height as “6 foot and half an inch”

Patrick Moore Height, weight & body measurement

Patrick Moore. Nationality. USA. Date of birth. 17/03/1984. Height. 1.78m. Weight. 118kg. Professional. 2017 NPC USA Championships in Las Vegas …

Patrick Moore   Net worth

The estimated Net Worth of Patrick R. Moore is at least $6.4 Million dollars .

Patrick Moore  facts

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  • World War II had a significant influence on Moore’s life – he said his only romance ended when his fiancée Lorna, a nurse, was killed in London in 1943 by a bomb which struck her ambulance. …
  • On 9 December 2012, Moore died aged 89 at his home in Selsey.
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