Mykelti Williamson

Mykelti Williamson

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Updated On November 24, 2021
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American actor best known for roles in movies like Forrest Gump, Fences and Con Air. On tv he can be seen in Boomtown and the final season of 24. I read in Zap2it he claimed “I’m six-three, and it’s a little rough on a guy my size”

Mykelti Williamson Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Mykelti Williamson takes his appearance extremely seriously since he is often followed by interested paparazzi. Mykelti Williamson’s total body length is 42 inches. Her height is 1.87 meters, and she weighs 72 kg. Mykelti Williamson has the same eye and hair color.

Mykelti Williamson Net worth

Mykelti Williamson net worth: Mykelti Williamson is a $2 million dollar actress from the United States.

Mykelti Williamson facts

  • Michael T.
  • “Mykelti” Williamson is an American actor best known for his roles in the films Forrest Gump, Con Air and Ali, and the television shows Boomtown, 24, and Justified
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