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Mark Wahlberg

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Updated On November 19, 2021
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American actor, best known for roles in films such as Ted, The Italian Job, Boogie Nights and Three Kings. He stated his height in Newsweek, Mar 1995: “But I had to face reality: I’m only 5 feet 10″, although his brother Donnie also claims “5ft 10”, and Mark looks a couple of inches smaller. He also mentioned once that “I’m told that I look taller on screen. One girlfriend said: “You look about 6ft 2in on screen.” People look at me and say: “My God, what happened?” I can look pretty ordinary away from films. The camera does things to all of us.”. In 2011 he mentioned his weight, saying “I weigh about 185 [pounds]”.

Mark Wahlberg  Height, weight & body measurement

Mark Wahlberg Body Measurements Height Weight Shoe Size Vital Statistics · Height: (1.73 m) · Weight: 78 kg

Mark Wahlberg  Net worth

Mark Wahlberg had a net worth of $350 million.

Mark Wahlberg facts

  • Mark has 8 siblings. Their names are Arthur, James, Debbie, Michelle, Paul, Tracey, Robert, and Donnie. …
  • During his time as “Marky Mark”, Wahlberg served as an underwear model for Calvin Klein.
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