Jessica Morris

Jessica Morris

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Updated On November 10, 2021
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American actress, known for playing Jennifer Rappaport on One Life to Live. On her online resume she used to have herself listed “Height: 5 feet 7 in” and 110 lbs, though recently at “115 lbs”.

Jessica Morris Height, weight & body measurement

Jessica  Height in feet, 5 Feet 7 Inch. Weight in Kilograms, 56 kg.

Jessica Morris    Net worth

Jessica Morris is an American actress who has a net worth of $4 million.

Jessica Morris  facts

  • After several small film and television roles, Morris was cast as the dysfunctional Jennifer Rappaport on the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live, a role she portrayed from 2001 to 2005 and in a dream sequence on October 1, 2008.In 2008 Morris appeared in the comedy Role Models as “Linda the Teacher”.
  • She was in the cast of the 2010 fantasy film Fading of the Cries.[1] In 2014 Morris played the lead role in the horror film Haunting of the Innocent.[2]
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