Ian Colletti

Ian Colletti

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Updated On December 14, 2021
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American actor, best known for playing Eugene/Arseface in TV series Preacher. He described himself as being “5 feet 8 in” and weighing 170 pounds.

Ian Colletti Height, Weight & Body measurement

Ian Colletti HeightWeight, Age, Body Statistics are here. His height is 1.77 m and weight is 76 kg. See his all Girlfriends’ names and entire biography.

Ian Colletti  Net worth

Ian Colletti Net Worth : $ 100000.

Ian Colletti facts

  • Ian Colletti is an American Actor Known Mainly for His Role Eugine in the Amc Series Preacher.
  • He started off as a child actor appearing in shows and a few movies.
  • His first role was in “Blue’s Clues” back in 2004 and he followed it with an appearance on “Waterfront” in 2006.
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