Cornel Wilde

Cornel Wilde

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Updated On August 8, 2021
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Hungarian-American actor best remembered for roles in films such as Road House, Shockproof, The Big Combo, Leave Her to Heaven, The Greatest Show on Earth, Woman’s World, Beach Red, Constantine and the Cross and The Naked Prey. In a 1989 obituary he was described as a “tall (6 foot 1 inch), muscular and dashing actor”.

Cornel Wilde Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Cornel Wilde  stands tall at an approximate height of 6 feet 1 inches and her weight is around 75kgs. Other than this, there is no further information regarding Robyn’s other body measurement details like her chest-waist-hip measures, dress size, shoe size, etc. Moreover, Robyn has dark brown eyes and hair

Cornel Wilde Net Worth

Cornel Wilde is an actor, director, and producer who was born on October 13, 1912. Cornel Wilde was born Kornel Lajos Weisz on October 13, 1912, to a Jewish family in Prievidza, Hungary (now part of Slovakia). With his parents, Rayna (Vid) and Vojtech Béla Weisz, and older sister, Edith, he emigrated to New York City in 1920. Kornel took the name Cornelius Louis Wilde as his family decided to change their names to something more American. He spent most of his childhood traveling throughout Europe, developing a continental sensibility as well as a love of languages. He was offered a medical school scholarship, but he turned it down in favor of his new passion, acting. He was a natural athlete and a champion fencer for the United States Olympic fencing team, but he left soon before the 1936 Berlin Olympics to take part in a play. In 1937, he married Marjory Heinzen (later known as Patricia Knight), and the two of them shaved a few years off their ages in order to find work, with Wilde claiming publicly that he was born in New York in 1915, despite continuing to list his correct Hungarian birth in 1912 on government documents. For the stage, he changed his name to Cornel Wilde and appeared in the Broadway hit “Having a Wonderful Time,” but Hollywood didn’t notice him until he was engaged as a fencing choreographer and actor (Tybalt) in Laurence Olivier’s 1940 Broadway production of “Romeo and Juliet.” Before becoming famous and receiving an Oscar nod for his portrayal as Frederic Chopin in A Song to Remember, he had a few lesser roles (1945). The rest of the 1940s saw him in romantic and frequently swashbuckling leading roles. In the 1950s, his star waned a little, and he gravitated toward adventure pictures instead than blockbusters like The Greatest Show on Earth (1952). He formed his own production firm with the objective of directing his own films as his interest in directing grew. Several of his film noir endeavors during this period, both his own and those of other directors, are particularly noteworthy (for example, The Big Combo (1955) and Storm Fear (1955). He produced, directed, and performed in The Naked Prey (1965), a visually stunning adventure film that earned him critical acclaim. His following films were of uneven quality, and he closed his career with modest adventure flicks with cameo appearances. In 1989, three days after his 77th birthday, he died of leukemia, leaving behind an unwritten autobiography, “The Wilde Life.”


Cornel Wilde Facts

.   Cornel Wilde (born Kornél Lajos Weisz; October 13, 1912 – October 16, 1989) was a Hungarian-American actor            and film director.
.   Wilde’s acting career began in 1935, when he made his debut on Broadway. …
.    In the 1950s he moved to writing, producing and directing films, and still continued his career as an actor.

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