Britt Ekland

Britt Ekland

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Updated On November 20, 2021
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Swedish Actress best known for roles in films like Get Carter, Wicker Man and The Man with the Golden Gun. She said in Hindu Times about the film Life and Death of Peter Sellers: “This actress (Theron) is six foot tall. I am five foot five inches”. She also said at Edinburgh Festival website “If you Google me, you will find that I am 5ft 2. That would make me the same size as Kylie and I am definitely not, I am actually 5ft 5”.In this photo she had about 0.5-0.6 inch more footwear than me.

Britt Ekland height, weight & body measurement

When it comes to her physical characteristics, she is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 50 kilograms. Likewise, she has a set of green eyes and blonde hair, which complement her appearance.

Britt Ekland Net Worth

Britt Ekland is a Swedish actress who has a net worth of $22 million. She is the daughter of a Swedish businessman


  • Britt Ekland was born in Sweden and grew up to be the poster girl for beautiful, big-eyed Scandinavian blondes.
  • She attended a drama school and then joined a traveling theater group.
  • Was replaced by Mia Farrow for the role of Karen Eriksson in Guns at Batasi (1964).
  • Quit smoking in 1979.
  • Shares three ex-boyfriends in common with fellow former Bond girl Ursula Andress (Helmut Berger, Ron Ely, Ryan O’Neal); two in common with fellow former Bond girl and Demon Rage (1982) co-star Lana Wood (O’Neal and Warren Beatty); two in common with Michelle Phillips (Beatty and Lou Adler); and three in common with Julie Christie (Adler, Beatty, O’Neal)
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