Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

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Updated On December 14, 2021
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American actor best known for roles in movies like A Star is Born, The Hangover, A-Team (as Face), Limitless, American Hustle, American Sniper and Silver Linings Playbook. On Entertainment Weekly he claimed 6ft 1, in 2011 said “I am Six-Two…200 pounds” and in a HemispheresMagazine interview he said “I’m a thirteen, thirteen and a half… I had size twelve feet with I was eleven, and I was so excited. I thought I was going to be, like, six-five and a great basketball player. Instead I’m almost six-two, just with huge feet. I’ve got boats at the bottom of my legs, for sure”. In 2015 he mentioned his weight, saying “I weigh 185 pounds”.

Bradley Cooper  Height, Weight & Body measurement

Bradley Cooper Height Weight Body Statistics. Bradley Cooper Height -1.85 m, Weight -83 kg. See his dating history and complete biography.

Bradley Cooper  Net worth

Bradley Cooper’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $100 million.

Bradley Cooper facts


  • When he was a kid, he dreamed about being a ninja. …
  • He was married in the mid-2000s. …
  • Cooper has a daughter with ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk. …
  • He’s got a lot of hometown pride. …
  • He’s said that Robert De Niro is his idol.
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