Bob Hope

Bob Hope

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Updated On November 25, 2021
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American actor and comedian, best remembered for roles in The ‘Road To’ films, The Paleface, My Favorite Blonde, My Favorite Brunette, Star Spangled Rhythm, Nothing But the Truth, Some Like It Hot (1939), The Iron Petticoat, Off Limits and Paris Holiday. On an application form he also listed his height as 5ft 11.75 and weight 178 pounds.

Bob Hope Height, weight & body measurement

Bob Hope Height, Weight and Body Measurement — Figure Measurements and Physical Statistics: Bob Hope is 5 feet 11 inches and weighs 75 KG.

Bob Hope Net worth

At the time of his death, estimates about the size of his estate ranged from about $400 million to as much as $1 billion.

Bob Hope facts

  • Bob Hope was British. …
  • He has a lot of medals. …
  • He was a Harlem Globetrotter. …
  • He did the “Russian Reversal” joke 30 years before Yakov Smirnoff. …
  • You can thank Bob Hope for ‘The Brady Bunch’ …
  • He spent 48 Christmases with American troops overseas. …
  • Bob Hope played golf with Tiger Woods.
Below is the chart showing the comparison of Bob Hope's height with other similar heights. The selected celebrities for comparison include Margaret Cho, Deborah Pratt, Michelle Goh, Conan OBrien.