Big Cass

Big Cass

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Updated On November 27, 2021
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William Morrissey is an American professional wrestler. Billed as a monstrous 7 feet by WWE, he once mentioned how he “sprouted my junior year and I grew about 10 inches to a foot in the course of a year….I tried out for the [basketball] team and I made the team my senior year at 6-foot-8”.

Big Cass Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Big Cass‘ HeightWeight, Age, Family, Bio, etc. His Height is 2.1 m and his Weight is 125 kg. See his full biography.

Big Cass Net worth

The net worth is $400 Million .

Big Cass facts

  • William Morrissey is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Impact Wrestling under the ring name W. Morrissey.
  • He is best known for his tenure with WWE, where he performed under the ring name Big Cass, a shortened version of his previous name Colin Cassady.
Below is the chart showing the comparison of Big Cass's height with other similar heights. The selected celebrities for comparison include David Strathairn, Elias Koteas, Burt Lancaster, Chamillionaire.