Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

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Updated On November 3, 2021
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American actor/director best known for Argo, The Town, Good will Hunting, Batman vs Superman, Gone Girl, Pearl Harbor, Changing Lanes, Mallrats, Shakespeare in Love and Armageddon. He once said “I was 6 feet 3. And People told me You’re too big to be a leading man.” and on another occasion “I’m 6 foot 3 ½”.

 Ben Affleck Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Affleck is undeniably attractive, but he also works hard to stay in shape. Ben stands 192 centimeters tall and weighs 97 kilograms (216 lbs). His hair is dark brown, and he has hazel eyes.

Ben Affleck Net Worth

Ben Affleck’s net worth will reach $150 million .

Quick Facts

  • Real Name/Full Name Benјamin Géza Affleck- Boldt
  • He is also one of the co-owner of Pearl Street Films.
  • He took part in multiple dramas and performances and became good friends with Matt Damon.
  • He has received two Gloden Globe Awards for best screenplay and best director.
Below is the chart showing the comparison of Ben Affleck's height with other similar heights. The selected celebrities for comparison include Cobie Smulders, Jim Dale, Luis Guzman, Carolyn Stotesbery.