Andee Frizzell

Andee Frizzell

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Updated On November 24, 2021
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Canadian Actress known for playing The Wraith Queen on Stargate Atlantis. She said on her blog “I’m six foot one woman”, although on her talent agency her height and weight are listed as 5ft 11 and 135lbs.

Andee Frizzell Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Andee  Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics are here. Her height was 1.72 m and weight was 55 kg.

Andee Frizzell Net worth

Andee Frizzell Net Worth is $1.4 Million ·

Andee Frizzell facts

  • Andee Frizzell is an actress.
  • Her most notable appearance has been as nearly every Wraith female on Stargate Atlantis.
  • She also played a role in a TV episode of Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda alongside SG-1’s Christopher Judge, as a High Guard AI.
  • She is a vegetarian.
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