Anastasia Baranova

Anastasia Baranova

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Updated On November 24, 2021
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Russian actress, best known for playing Addison ‘Addy’ Carver on TV series Z Nation. On her online resume she listed her Weight as “125 lbs”

Anastasia Baranova Height, weight & body measurement

Anastasia BaranovaBody Measurement — Anastasia BaranovaBody Measurement. Anastasia has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 58 kg.


Anastasia Baranova Net worth’

Lamar’s estimated net worth in 2019 is around $1 million – $5 million


Anastasia Baranova facts

  • Baranova was born in Moscow, Russia, in what was then part of the Soviet Union.
  • As a child, she began modeling in Moscow.
  • In 1998, Baranova and her mother, Ata, moved from Russia to Minnesota in the United States, where she continued to model.
  • In 2000, they moved to California, where Baranova began her acting career.
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