Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler

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Updated On September 30, 2021
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American Actress best known for playing Lesley Knope on TV series Parks & Recreation. Her film credits include Blades of Glory, Mean Girls, Inside Out and Sisters. On an SNL episode with Alec Baldwin, he asks how tall she is, to which she replies “I’m 5ft 2”. She also said in Entertainment Weekly, “When you’re 5’2″, you’re blond, and you’re a woman, you get underestimated a lot”

Amy Poehler  Height, weight & body measurement

Amy Poehler Height Weight Body Statistics. Amy Poehler Height -1.57 m, Weight -54 kg,

Amy Poehler  Net worth

 Amy Poehler net worth is $25 million as of today.

Amy Poehler facts

  • Both her parents were teachers: …
  • She used to work at an ice cream parlor called Chadwicks: …
  • She’s not the only famous person in her family: …
  • She has a collection of fake food: …
  • She and Tina Fey met in improv class: …
  • They’ve been best friends ever since.
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